Narendra Modi flags off BJP’s Andhra campaign with ‘India first’ slogan

Hyderabad: Addressing a mega rally in Hyderabad in the run up to the 2014 General Elections, BJP’s poll panel chief, Narendra Modi, questioned the Central government as to what they were doing as far the LoC killings were concerned and accused the Congress of being only interested in vote-bank politics.

Targeting the UPA government, the Gujarat Chief Minister said, “Central government’s actions have created a trust deficit amongst the people of this country. People are losing confidence in the government.”

“The government in Delhi cannot give us protection. The Congress party is only interested in vote-bank politics and UPA-2 only knows how to do divide and rule,” he said.

He added, “The government in Delhi is not taking care of the security of this country.”

On the issue of incursions by China in Ladakh, Modi said, “Our government compromised so much that the India Army was asked to withdraw from its own territory,”

He also took a dig at the External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid for praising Beijing. “The government should be ashamed of itself,” he said.

Talking about the ceasefire violations by Pakistan Modi said, “When our Indian soldiers are beheaded, the Pakistani PM is treated to lavish food by our government.”

He also cited the death of the fishermen from Kerala who were killed by two Italians marines. He lambasted the UPA government for allowing them to go back to Italy on bail.

In hard hitting statement he said, “The government at the Centre is not serious about any issues. It is not bothered about the country,” and added, “I am worried about the youth of this country. Where will they go for work and food?”

Modi also criticised the way the Congress party had handled the Telangana issue. “Why did the Congress not take steps to create a separate capital when they announced the formation of Telangana,” he asked, adding, “BJP has always been in favour of Telangana.”

Reaching out to the TDP, Modi said, “The Congress party has become a burden for this country,” adding, “The biggest tribute that we can give to the great NTR will be to rid the country of the Congress party.”

“This country has dreamt of a Congress-free India. The corruption that they have indulged in has ruined this country,” Modi told the crowd.

Modi also mentioned the efforts of veteran BJP leader LK Advani to bring back black money from abroad. He questioned as to what was the problem in getting back black money from abroad and asked in the same vein, “Whose black money is it?

At the same time Modi praised the governance efforts undertaken by BJP chief ministers, Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh.

He also lamented on the fact that the value of Rupee versus the Dollar was going down day by day.

In the end of an hour long speech Modi said on a philosophical note, “Any government ought to have one religion – India first”.

He also goaded the massive crowd present at the stadium in Hyderabad to say in US President Barack Obama like style – “Yes we can” and “Yes we’ll do” – which the people happily responded to.

Narendra Modi signed off in his trademark style by chanting – “Bharat mata ki jai”.


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