Patna: Modi targets Nitish, says Bihar CM dreaming about becoming PM with Cong’s support

At the beginning of his speech, he took a dig at Kumar saying people in Bihar are not opportunistic, except a few. He went on to say, “The chief minister here is my friend. People asked me why your friend has left the BJP. I tell them the person who could leave Jayaprakash Narayan can also leave the BJP.”

This was Modi’s first rally after an acrimonious split with Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United) four months ago, which came over Modi’s elevation inside the party. The Bihar BJP has pegged this rally as a show of strength and had pulled out all stops to make it a success.

Saying Kumar’s behavior reeked of hypocrisy, Modi said, “I and Nitish Kumar happened to meet on the same table during a lunch hosted by the PM. He wasn’t eating anything. I told him, don’t worry there’s no cameramen around. Please go ahead and eat. There is a limit to hypocrisy.”

The BJP gave up its right to form a government in Bihar even though it had more legislators than the Janata Dal (United), he said.

“For the BJP, the country’s interests are more important than the party. We let Kumar become the CM so that jungle raj of the earlier governments could end. I did not come to campaign in Bihar for campaigning earlier despite requests so that the government doesn’t fall and jungle raj returned. Nitish didn’t cheat the BJP but the people of Bihar. Let’s uproot these backstabbers. ”

He went on to attack the Congress saying the party leaders are very upset that he called a certain person shehzada (prince). “Ask the Congress to stop the politics of dynasty and I will stop calling him shehzada,” he said.

What’s happening in Patna:

Highlights from Modi’s speech (1:30pm – 2.30)
• Modi appeals for peace at Gandhi Maidan.
• Leaders and parties who humiliate our soldiers should be thrown out of power.
• This rally is not just historic, but it will also lay foundation stone for a new future.
• The country wants a change. But mud is being thrown on us from all sides.
• Those who talk of Muslims, I tell them, development is the answer to all problems.
• Bihar’s Muslims can’t afford to go on Haj. Gujarat Muslims can afford to because they are prosperous.
• Bihar BJP has demanded a 50,000-crore package and the state must get it.
• Both India and Bihar needs a change of government.
• I will repay your love with interest, and our mantra is development.
• The poor Hindu wants to fight poverty, the poor Muslim wants to fight poverty. Let Hindus and Muslims join hands and fight poverty.
• BJP has just one religion- India first.
• PM heads the planning commission. This commission says you aren’t poor if you earn Rs. 26 daily.
• A Congress leader says you can have a full meal for Rs. 12. This party has insulted the poor.
• I used to sell tea on trains. Even the Railway Minister doesn’t have my experience of what one face on trains.
• Hum gharibi main paida huye hai. I have seen and experienced poverty.
• Congress only knows how to mock the poor.
• If Bihar wants the golden age of Chanakya, it needs politics of unity.
• When Congress came to power they divided people on caste lines.
• If we want to take Bihar forward we need to unite people, bring people of all religions, caste and creed together.
• Alexander’s army conquered the entire world but was defeated by the Biharis. That’s the might of this land.
• Pakistanis killed Bihar soldiers two months ago. India salutes those soldiers but a Bihar minister insulted them.
• 80% of promises made by UPA in 2009 haven’t been fulfilled. It’s time for them to go.
• Congress promised to control prices in 100 days. Did they deliver?
• Poverty is a very big issue and due to price rises poor have nothing to eat. Children are crying.
• Congress promised to clean out Ganga but they have failed.
• Farmers dont’ have fertilisers, factories are shutting down under UPA rule.
• Congress asking why is Modi saying Shehzaada? The day Congress leaves dynastic politics, I will stop saying Shehzaada.
• JD-U has not betrayed BJP, but has betrayed you (the people of Bihar).
• We wanted to remove jungle raj from Bihar, therefore had tolerated many insults.
• In the alliance of JDU-BJP, it were the BJP Ministers who worked for the welfare of people of Bihar
• Bihar CM & I were at an occasion where he was most uncomfortable to be seen in my presence. I told him: Don’t worry no cameras here.
• Treated Bihar CM to a lavish dinner when he came to attend wedding in Gujarat, but he never leaves a chance to abuse me.
• Yaha ke CM (Nitish) hamare mitra hai, logo ne pucha unhone BJP kyu chhoda, maine kaha, jo JP ko chhod sakta hai, BJP kyu nai chhod sakta.
• When democracy was in danger, Bihar gave Jai Prakash Narayan to the nation.
• Whenevr India has needed anything, it looked at Bihar and the state provided it, when country needed, Bihar gave Lord Buddha to nation.
• Congress party is unable to sleep. They question why Modi is using the word Shehzada.
• Crowd chants yes to Modi’s question “Yeh vishwasghaat hai ki nahi.”
• Bihar CM Nitish has not betrayed the BJP. He has done vishwasghaat with people of Bihar.
• The Bihar CM is dreaming about becoming PM with Congress’s support.
• Development in Bihar was due to BJP ministers and leaders and party workers.
• I treated Bihar CM to a lavish dinner but he doesn’t leave a chance to abuse me.
• You saw Lalu ji never leaves a chance to abuse me, but 3 months ago he met with an accident and I called him.
• I want to tell the descendants of Shri Krishna (Yadavs), I have come from Dwarka to take responsibility of your well being.
• Narendra Modi: I salute Bihar
• People of Bihar are not opportunistic, other than a few exceptions.
• All major revolutions in India started from Bihar.
• The last man standing here should feel I’m running this country.

• BJP president Rajnath Singh: I have never seen such a sea of humanity ever in my life.
• Bihar has always been the catalyst of change.
• Narendra Modi Jana Jana Ke Asha Hai, Jana Jana Ke Bharosa Hai.
• Congress government has led the country towards unemployment and poverty. It’s only achievement promote price rise.
• Know that today people of Bihar have taken pledge to make Narendra Modi India’s PM in 2014.
• Modi is the only candidate who can solve the issues addressing India.

 Sushil Modi: In my 40 years of public life, saw JP and Lalu rally and even JD-U rallies but this rally has broken all records.
• More than half of the people attending the rally are youth. Youth are with us and youth are with Narendra Modi.
• Lalu and Nitish did their rallies in power. Today we are not in power but we did this rally.
• History will never forgive you (Nitish Kumar). You (Nitish) have betrayed the people of Bihar.

• Narendra Modi reaches rally venue in Patna

• Narendra Modi lands in Patna.
• Calls being issued by leaders to the crowd not to explode crackers as it would set off a stampede.
• However, police exercised on north side of the Gandhi Maidan, use mild lathicharge. People seren running away.
• Rudy, Shahnawaz on stage, asking people to desist from it.

• Shahnawaz Hussain, Sushil Kumar Modi, Rajiv Pratap Rudy and many other leaders addressing a large crowd, attacking Bihar chief minister.

“Gandhi Maidan in Patna never witnessed the kind of crowd as today. The minorities are also here in large number here, something rarely seen see in the past. BJP is for taking all sections along and stop vote bank politics,” said Hussain.

11:30 am
• Vehicular traffic stopped as big groups of people march to listnen to Narendra Modi,
• Around a lakh people present around the venue being regaled by Bhojpuri singers singing songs tailor made for Modi, BJP and Bihar.
• Local leaders taking place on dais. State BJP president Mangal Pandey starts his address.

• Minor explosion occured at Patna railway station, 1 person serious injured.

People gathered at Gandhi Maidan in Patna where Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is to address a rally. (HT Photo)

This is the first time that the Gujarat CM and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi held rallies on the same day. Gandhi is addressing a rally in poll-bound Delhi in Sunday. Modi went on to say, “Dynasty politics is the biggest enemy of democracy, the second is caste politics, third is politics of religion and then politics of opportunity. And all these things have emerged as a strong factor in the politics of Bihar.”

Earlier in the day, the venue was rocked by six explosions in and around the venue in which 16 people have been injured. Earlier in the day, one person was killed in an explosion at Patna railway station.

The rally was also attended by senior party leaders including Arun Jaitley, Shahnawaz Hussain, Sushil Kumar Modi, Shatrughan Sinha and Rajiv Pratap Rudy.

The party had hired 11 special trains, 20,000 SUVs, 6,000 buses, 126 river boats, 33 cranes and a giant gizmo-laden stage for the rally.

Inputs from HT correspondents Dev Raj, Arun Kumar, Mammen Mathew and Rai Atul Krishna

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