8 #Leadership #lessons from #Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam, 11th #President of India

8 Leadership lessons from Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam,                      11th President of India

1. Everything is Possible

Dr.Abdul Kalam, Former President of India…a son of a small boat owner, from far end of the Country reaching… what was possibly, the supreme most position, a Citizen of India can ever reach…that too, only one out of a billion people, can ever reach once in 5 years…through sheer hard work, dedication and, sincerity, backed by destiny. I could only think about Abraham Lincoln in the Modern World History. Probably, if history has to compare both of them, fair and just, on the humanity scale, I am not sure but I believe, with all humbleness, probably Dr.Kalam may even rise taller as a human being, in stature in the Modern World History. I have my own reason to attribute to his tallest stature.

2. Leaders Ignite the minds of Others

Dr Kalam was a destiny’s child. A man with nothing except curiosity and passion for flying, with wings of fire, flew as high as he could in the sky. And, like a special satellite that orbits the Universe, he went about his mission, igniting millions of young minds and many nations.

3. Leaders care, share and maintain transparency

Dr.Kalam boasted nothing but learnt as much as he can till his last breath. He kept nothing to himself but shared with transparency and sincerity to each and every one, everything he learnt, who crossed his life till his last breath at IIM,Shillong.

4. Leaders humble themself

Such was his leadership style that Dr.Abdul Kalam’s accession to power and position was just occasions to further humble himself as much possible as he can, so that the people who met him can feel stronger and taller in their heart and life.

5. Leaders Inspire others and make them dream rather than making them believe in their own dreams

Dr.Kalam inspired millions of young hearts to dream; And,made them to believe in their dreams. He wanted people to dream, to transform their dreams into thoughts that can result into actions. Dr.Kalam envisioned a developed India that is very much a reality through strong vision.

6. Leaders are truly Visionary

Dr.Kalam strongly believed that future India’s success rest over PURA(Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas). And, that is the way forward, to create a developed India. He is truly a visionary.

7. Leaders look for solutions to problems with Innovative mindset

What can a missile scientist do with his learnings to alleviate India’s problems? He cross-pollinated the idea of using the high-grade steel used in missiles that can kill people and designed and developed, what is famously known as Kalam-Raju Stent-that now saves people…at fraction of the cost compared to those expensive ones, making it more affordable. In him I saw a noble mind.

Probably the only Missile scientist in this Universe who could use the materials made to fly missiles now make little kids around the World walk with confidence. Dr.Kalam’s idea of using the composite materials used in missile frames to make lightweight calipers, made me see not only a compassionate leader, but deep inside him, a lovable mother also.

8. Leaders create Institutions…They live as an Institution personally

To me,Dr.Abdul Kalam is an institution. Blessed are those who are into teaching profession. For how much he loved teaching is known to the World. For me, Kalam Iyya Institution exemplifies various departments…Department of Humanity…Department of Humility, Department of Compassion, Department of Smile, Department of Sacrifice, Department of Positive Energy, Department of Dream, Department of Mission and Vision, Department of Probity in Life, Department of Curiosity, Department of Giving Back to Society, Department of Igniting Minds…and so on…

And, so it’s pretty evident that people from small towns with nothing except their dreams can reach heights far greater than one can even imagine during their lifetime. And the whole of this Universe come together to ensure such souls reach for their dreams, irrespective of their obstacles and challenges.

A dream that Dr.Abdul Kalam transformed into actions. As they dream and go about achieving their dreams for restoring humanity, the destiny takes care of the rest.

And, leadership characters that are most important and vital for any Organisation in today’s World to remain successful.

Bhushan Shirude