माइक्रोमैक्‍स ने लॉन्‍च किया अपना स्‍मार्ट फोन Canvas Turbo

आखिरकार माइक्रोमैफ्स ने भी एचडी डिस्प्‍ले वाला अपना स्‍मार्टफोन Canvas Turbo लॉन्‍च कर दिया है. इसकी कीमत 19,990 रुपये रखी गई है. इसे अभी ब्‍लू और सफेद दो रंगों में उतारा गया है. Canvas Turbo में 1080×1920 पिक्‍सल्‍स रिजॉल्‍यूशन वाला सीजीएस आईपीएस डिस्‍प्‍ले स्‍क्रीन है. अभी मोबाइल बनाने वाली तकरीबन सभी कंपनियां अपने हैंडसेट की स्‍क्रीन में आईपीएस डिस्‍प्‍ले ही यूज करती हैं.

माइक्रोमैक्‍स पहली भारतीय मोबाइल कंपनी है जिसने पूरी तरह से एचडी डिस्‍प्‍ले वाला हैंडसेट उतारा है. इस फोन की मोटाई सिर्फ 8.66mm है.

Canvas Turbo डुअल-सिम फोन है, इसमें एक जीएसएम और एक सीडीएमए सिम यूज किया जा सकता है. इस हैंडसेट में कैमेराजी कैमरा है, जो‍ कि 360 डिग्री पैनोरमा सिनेमाग्राम फोटोग्राफी की सुविधा देता है. यानी इसके कैमरे से ली गई तस्‍वीरों को आप एनिमेट कर सकते हैं. अगर आपको ली गई तस्‍वीरों में कुछ अच्‍छा नहीं लगता है तो आप उस खास हिस्‍से को अलग भी कर सकते हैं. इस हैंडसेट में फ्रीव्‍हील फीचर भी मौजूद है, यानी आप सिर्फ एक क्लिक से एसएमस, पॉप-अप, वीडियो प्‍लेयर और पॉप-अप ब्राउजर जैसे कई ऐप्‍पलिकेशन और फीचर को एक्‍सेस कर सकते हैं.

इसकी बॉडी पूरी तरह से एल्‍यूमीनियम की है. यह हैंडसेट पूरी तरह से OTA अपडेट को सपोर्ट करता है, साथ ही इसमें बीबीएम और हाइक मैसेजिंग ऐप्‍पलिकेशन प्रीलोडेड है. इसमें फ्री मूवी देखने के लिए एसपीयूयूएल मौजूद है, साथ ही अटैचमेंट्स को पढ़ने और एडिट करने के लिए किंगसॉफ्ट ऑफिस भी मौजूद है.

इस फोन में लाइट सेंसर, मोशन सेंसर, प्रॉक्सिमिटी सेंसर, मैगनेटिक सेंसर और जाइरोस्‍कोप सेंसर भी है. लाइट सेंसर, मोशन सेंसर और प्रॉक्सिमिटी सेंसर की मदद से टचस्‍क्रीन वाले हैंडसेट्स के स्‍क्रीन चीजों को सेंस करते हैं, वहीं मैग्‍नेटिक सेंसर फोन में मौजूद जीपीएस के लिए होता है. जाइरोस्‍कोप सेंसर लेटेस्‍ट वीडिया गेम्‍स के लिए आवश्‍यक होता है. बाजार में बिक्री के लिए यह फोन 26 अक्‍टूबर से उपलब्‍ध हो जाएगा.

Canvas Turbo के खास फीचर्स…
डिस्‍प्‍ले: 5 इंच फुल एचडी सीजीएस डिस्‍प्‍ले
प्रोसेसर: 1.5GHz क्‍वाड-कोर MediaTek 6589T
रैम: 2GB
ऑपरेटिंग सिस्‍टम: FOTA सपोर्ट के साथ एंड्रॉयड 4.2.1 जेली बीन
मेमोरी: 16GB इनबिल्‍ट स्‍टोरेज
कैमरा: 13 मेगापिक्‍सल्‍स रीयर ऑटो फोकस कैमरा, 5 मेगा पिक्‍सल्‍स फ्रंट कैमरा
बैटरी: 2000mAh
वीडियो: 1080p एचडी वीडियो रिकार्डिंग

Master Your ‘Mingle-Ability’: 5 Creative Ways to Network

An extensive network is vital to your success as an entrepreneur. Thanks to social media, the process of meeting potential clients and customers has evolved over the years. Often people believe networking is a law of large numbers — if you put yourself in a lot of places you increase your chances of building your business and your reputation. But this time sucker isn’t your only option. There are less traditional, yet more effective ways, to stand out from the crowd. Here are five creative twists on networking:

1. Create your network from scratch. Want to look like the person who knows everyone? Center your network around you. Start a new Meetup group. Organize a mastermind session. Host a dinner party. The opportunities are endless.


These techniques can be especially effective for entrepreneurs who may find traditional networking daunting. When you host your own networking event, it’s a way to put yourself on the map with people. It’s not about selling, but rather initiating and facilitating an event that adds value for everyone involved.

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2. Volunteer. Go from being an outsider to being an insider by volunteering to help whenever possible. Many local charities are often small and rely heavily on community involvement. Ask to serve on the board of your favorite charity or association. It’s a great opportunity to meet other professionals who are passionate about the same cause.

Make it a goal to approach networking with the intent to serve, not to sell.

3. Talk to strangers. It’s natural to gravitate towards people we like, know and trust. But try to introduce yourself and sit with strangers at your next event.

If you find out someone is new to your city, ask how you can be of service. If the person needs a referral to a reputable mechanic or doctor, offer your advice. Become a resource to others, and you’ll most likely be the first person they call when an opportunity presents itself.

4. Search out potential collaborations. The best networking is done between entrepreneurs in different but related fields. If your network is made up entirely of people just like you, you may be missing business opportunities. As an entrepreneur, you have countless chances to creatively collaborate with people from other industries.

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Think about your customers. Is there a spinoff product or service you could provide by teaming up with another person who has a legion of contacts? Collaborations are a great way to showcase your expertise, meet new connections and turn a profit.

5. Reach out before an event. Love them or hate them, events are still the most common way to network. If you’re going to a conference, check Twitter for others who mention they will be attending. Send them a quick message. Share your name, your company and your contact information. Invite them to meet up for coffee or bite to eat. You’ll have made several connections before you even show up to the event.

Finally, don’t forget to follow up. The more points of contact you have with someone, the more likely they’ll remember you. There is nothing that leaves a more positive lasting impression than a handwritten thank-you note.

Master Your 'Mingle-Ability': 5 Creative Ways to Network

For Sunny Leone, rape is not a crime but ‘surprise sex’

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone has once again got the tongues wagging with her controversial tweet. This time it is quite more sensitive.

According to a leading news agency, the pornstar turned actress tweeted, “Rape is not crime, it is a surprise sex.”

In no time the starlet realized her mistake and deleted her tweet, but by then it got retweeted by her followers.

Later on Sunny even clarified her tweet on the micro blogging site and tweeted, “Who ever has said this rape comment is an idiot. I never said this. Grow up!!!!!!!!!?”

“Well everyone on my page that thinks that’s a joke they are getting blocked!!!”

“My iPad finally has Internet access so I can block mean people when I see them,” she added

Vishwaroop fares average, mints Rs 7.66 crore on weekend

The multilingual film stars Kamal in the title role, while Rahul Bose, Shekhar Kapur and Pooja Kumar too make an appearance in the movie.
The Hindi version of actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam hit the screens on February 1 amid controversies and the espionage thriller, made at Rs 95 crore, grossed approximately Rs 7.66 crore in its opening weekend.

The Hindi version earned Rs 1.99 crore on the opening day. The footfalls increased over the weekend, but reception by audience was not as per the expectation.

“Weekend had 50 percent occupancy on an average. More young crowds are coming, but it is less than what we expected. So far 6,000 people came,” Punit Sahay, senior manager, programming and operations, Spice told IANS.

“The footfalls might not increase over weekdays but we are hoping that during next weekend more and more people will come,” he added.

The multilingual stars Kamal in the title role, while Rahul Bose, Shekhar Kapur and Pooja Kumar too make an appearance in the movie.

“The movie has done very well despite being a dubbed movie. Mixed kind of audience is coming,” said Piyush Raizada, director Delight Cinema.

The Tamil and Telugu versions, titled Vishwaroopam, were scheduled for Jan 25 release, but it was banned after some Muslim organisations claimed that certain scenes in the movie will hurt religious sentiments of the community. As a result it was banned Tamil Nadu and later the film’s screening was stopped in Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Though the ban was lifted in Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh on January 29, protesters in Tamil Nadu did not allow the release of the movie.

Later Kamal agreed to edit out the objectionable scenes from the film and now it will hit screens in Tamil Nadu February

Facebook is 9 years old today: Here’s why it has numbers on its side

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site turns nine today. With well over 1 billion users, it’s hard to believe that the site has not even been around for a decade.

The site was started on 4 February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg when he was a sophomore (second year)  at Harvard University. Zuckerberg had launched an initial version of site, then known as Facemash in 2003 but Harvard authorities had shut it down as he had got the information for the site by hacking into administration records.

Zuckeberg relaunched Facemash as TheFacebook.com initially and the name was later changed to Facebook. In 2005, the site allowed users to upload pictures. Till date, Facebook has seen over 219 billion photos being uploaded. By September 2006, Facebook began expanding and allowed anyone over 13 to join the site. It also got the NewsFeed in 2006.

The Facebook Like was introduced much later in February 2009 and according to the company’s Q4 results, it has seen 1.13 trillion ‘likes’ since its introduction.

Mark Zuckerberg at the launch of Graph Search. AFP

Mark Zuckerberg at the launch of Graph Search. AFP

In the nine years, since it began Facebook has evolved drastically from what it looked like when it started. The Wall is no longer a part of the site, instead users have the Timeline, introduced in September 2011 and made compulsory for all users in January 2012.

In 2012 Facebook floated its IPO and the company went public with a peak market capitalisation of over $104 billion. The hype was short-lived and the stock of the company soon took a battering.

Nor is the site restricted to desktops as mobile is now a big part of the Facebook strategy. The company launched a slew of apps last year, from Camera to Poke to a new updated Facebook Messenger for both Android and iOS. Facebook also bought  the popular mobile photo-editing and sharing app, Instagram last year.

In January, this year Facebook announced the launch of Graph Search that allows users to search the site for photos, places, likes, people on the site. The feature has of course raised privacy concerns as with Graph Search coming in, people are apprehensive about what results Facebook will show You can check out our review of the Graph Search here. Of course Graph Search is still a beta product but it will be rolled out to all site users by the end of this year.

It was also reported by TechCrunch that Facebook has begun testing a new status composer which could let users choose from a wide range of emoticons while updating their status.The new array of visuals elements would allow users to choose their status updates from different categories to share activities such as feeling, reading, or eating or even more creative unconventional ones such as Game Of Thrones or LOTR.

Facebook is set to evolve more this year. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has indicated that in the earnings call, highlighting that mobile and new elements will be the key to the site’s future.

In less than ten years, Facebook has changed drastically. From likes to multiple tagging, to emoticons in comments, the site has come a long way. As far as competitors go, Facebook has no close rival in terms of numbers. Google Plus is at number two but has about 343 million users which is nowhere close to Facebook’s 1 billion. If one were to go according to the numbers, Facebook juggernaut is unlikely to stop anytime soon

Race 2 collects Rs.79.6 crore in first week

A special screening was held for Race 2 on January 24 in Mumbai. Bollywood divas like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Tabu and Bipasha Basu looked stunning at the event.

Abbas-Mustan’s action thriller Race 2 has raked in Rs.79.6crore net in its opening week at the domestic box-office. The film is also minting money in the overseas market. Co-produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Ramesh Taurani of Tips Films, Race 2 had earned Rs.51.35 crore over first

weekend. In the following days, film earned Rs.7.5 crore Monday, Rs.6.5 crore Tuesday, Rs.5.75 crore Wednesday, Rs.5 crore Thursday and Rs.3.5 crore Friday.


The first-week total on the domestic box office sums up to Rs.79.6 crore, while in the international market, Race 2 grossed over $4.25 million in its opening week.

Made for Rs.60 crore, the film features an ensemble cast of Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Jacqeline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor and Ameesha Patel.


Race 2 collects approx Rs. 51.35 crore over weekend
Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer Race 2 collected Rs. 51.35 cr nett in its opening weekend. The film had a fantastic opening weekend with a robust Friday, showed exceptional growth on Saturday.


Although the business slided slightly on Sunday, the film held very well on the third day of the weekend. The break up goes like this: Fri Rs. 15.12 cr, Sat Rs. 20.72 cr, Sun Rs. 15.51 cr.

Anupama Chopra’s review: Race 2
Race 2 is essentially a big-budget cartoon in which coolness is all. The director duo Abbas-Mustan have no pretensions about what they are making – full-on masala with a dash of revenge. Anupama Chopra writes. READ REVIEW

Critics report: Race 2 not worth it
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Deepika Padukone is nervous as Race 2 releases
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We have great chemistry, says Deepika on her pairing with Saif

Deepika Padukone is still basking in the success of her last release, Cocktail (2012). The film may not have raked in big money, but it’s won her Best Actor nominations at several awards. Now, she’s gearing up for Race 2, in which she’s once again paired with Saif Ali Khan after Love Aaj Kal (2009) and Cocktail.

https://i1.wp.com/www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2012/11/deepika-race-2.jpg“Either two people have chemistry or they don’t. Thankfully, Saif and I do. I hope that it’s a hat-trick this time. I think we still look like a fresh pair. This time, our chemistry will come out differently because even though our characters talk and like each other, they have motives behind it,” she says. STORY INSIDE


WATCH: Race 2 theatrical trailer is out with a bang
Director duo Abbas-Mustan is back with the sequel of Race, which promises to have more action, more thrill and more heat. The trailer begins with Saif Ali Khan’s monologue: “Badla jitna purana hota hai, utna hi khatarnak hota hai.”

Saif Ali Khan, who also featured in the first installment, looks dashing in his lean and crisp look. John Abraham (the film’s antagonist), flaunts his chiseled body, taking hotness quotient of the film to another level. READ MORE

Jacqueline Fernandez back in action for Race 2
After Katrina Kaif in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) and Anushka Sharma in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, it’s now Jacqueline Fernandez’s turn to hop on a motorbike for her next film. The actor, who will be seen next in Abbas-Mustan’s Race 2, is performing her own stunts for the movie. Jacqueline, we’re told, will be involved in some power-packed action sequences and bike chases. MORE ON THIS

Race 2 to have international DJs?
Partygoers are always looking for that next dance number and Bollywood films seldom disappoint, since every release has a couple of such tracks on their albums. Now, the songs from Ramesh Taurani’s next action-thriller, Race 2, seem to have created a major buzz among dance music lovers as well. When the new single from the film, ‘There’s a party on my mind’, was released, little did Taurani know that it would be so popula